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To promote mental health, identity-based student groups look inward

  Hal Eisenberg, CEO and Founder of Windows of Opportunity presenting a workshop on “finding yourself” at Columbia University. Nefesh, a mental health awareness group within Columbia/Barnard Hillel, holds an annual mental health awareness week.   Citing a shortage of regularly scheduled, university-wide discussions surrounding mental health, identity-based student groups have held  mental health-focused programs for their own members this year. In the past semester, student organizations including the University Senate Student Affairs Committee, General Studies Student Council, and the Mental Health Task [...]

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Once Upon A Time… I Used to Write Blogs…

I used to write these weekly blogs back in the MySpace days… I used to want to take whatever I was going through, what youth were dealing with, along with my observations of life and society, and just try to intellectually express it. I wanted to do this while challenging people to think differently or deeper. I wanted people to have hope – believe in love – and know their self-worth. I saw things very clear back then with [...]

NYCHEA Knows: Windows of Opportunity

By By Joanna Lodin NYCHEA – A publication of New York City Home Educators Alliance December 2010 Thanks to my friend, Laurie Spigel, I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Hal Eisenberg and Roger Dennis who created and now guide the non-profit agency, Windows of Opportunity (WOO) here in NYC. WOO offers a wide range of programs for teens to build leadership skills, address social issues and perform community outreach. Hal and Roger’s drive and passion for encouraging teens is truly [...]