Music and Self-Expression

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  • February 9, 2017
Project Description

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress there has been a decline in student exposure to the arts since 1997. More disheartening than the statistics is that the federal government only looks at arts in education every 10 years, and that theatre and dance classes seem to be on the verge of extinction.

While it is important that schools maintain their level of exposure regarding non-artistic subjects, it is equally important that youth are provided with a well-rounded, culturally-significant, creatively-inspired education in order to facilitate their intellectual and emotional growth through self-expression and open-mindedness.


Tier 1: Through character building workshops, discussion groups and experiential exercises, youth will explore who they are and discuss their values and issues that impact them in their home, community and the world. Participants will develop their self expression through lyric writing.

Tier 21228 Lounge Recordings Introduces Audio Palette Education: Workshops designed to capture the attention of young adults who desire to enter the audio industry as audio engineers and music producers. Students learn “How to create their own music, produce their own musical CD product, learn sound designing techniques, editing and mixing audio tracks and working in a recording studio environment”.

Tier 3: Youth will be introduced to the fundamentals of event planning by designing and promoting a live performance showcasing their music. These events aim to bring awareness to issues that are important to them and give them the confidence to pursue their passion for music.


  • Discovery of a youth’s self-expression by examining core values and issues which are important to them.
  • Overcoming the obstacles and boundaries that limit their full self-expression.
  • Collaborating through open dialogue to find a common issue to express and transform in the world through music and special events.
  • Introducing youth to the importance working together to develop events in the community.
  • Adult mentors support youth in sharing their messages to local and global audiences.
  • Bringing one’s individual expression to the planning, promoting and production of a fundraising event.