Get to know: ShortStack

Posted by Chandraisgreat on May 30th, 2011 Have you ever dreamed of walking in a fashion show but didn’t think you had what it takes to be a model? You are not alone, many young girls have high fashion dreams but lack the height requirements that are expected in the fashion industry for runway modeling. That is one of the reasons why Olivia Mignone created “Shortstack” a program for teens who wish to pursue [...]

Featured Youth : Sofy Maxman

16 year old Sofy Maxman and student at The Beacon School in Manhattan, became a Shortstack model in 2009. Sofy travels in from Manhattan to Queens weekly and religiously because she believes strongly in the message that Shortstack sends. The message rings so loudly with Sofy, that she joined forces with her friend Kiley Zachs to create a project for a gallery that will be on display in Chelsea about the tolerance of beauty and the media. “We chose this [...]


Queens Village, New York, April 30, 2011 – Replacing their heels with sneakers, covering their painted nails with work gloves, and trading in their runway for an overgrown, weed infested, leaf covered church park, this charity based modeling agency came whistling and ready to work. The Shortstack models, equipped with rakes, spades, plants and trash bags, along with Board of Director members Tracy Mignone and Hal Eisenberg, chose their Earth Day Project as the restoration of the Hollis Woods [...]

Windows of Opportunity, Inc. announces the 2011 UNSUNG HERO ~ Shortstack’s very own JOE ROCK!

Born and raised on Long Island, Shortstsack’s “Host with most” is being honored as this years UNSUNG HERO award recipient. Though one of his greatest passions has always been with music, WBAB Radio Station’s amazing voice has always lent himself out generously to sponsor and host many different fundraising events. Shortstack is extremely thankful that he has been with us from the very beginning but there are so many other charities that are just as grateful for his continuous [...]

A Letter from Shortstack’s Founder & Program Director

By: Olivia Mignone For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to model. The glamorous life of traveling the world, wearing designer clothing, meeting thousands of people and having your face plastered on billboards and magazines – sounds exciting, right? I believe most of the world has thought about this career choice at least once in their life, but for many, like myself, it becomes a passion. Yet years ago, I learned more about this world and industry, and [...]

Fighting HIV/AIDS

By Jessica Lyons The Queens Courier – Healthwise section June 2008 Windows of Opportunity (WOO), the Barbara Harmon Institute, is encouraging high school girls to believe in themselves while also raising money for charity through their Shortstack Program and 2nd Annual Charity Fashion Show. WOO was founded in 2002 and gained non-profit status in 2005. Its founder and Executive Director Hal Eisenberg had been working with parents and children in the community for many years. “From being active in the community and [...]

How to stay optimistic through the recession, bad weather and swine flu fears

By Gina Salamone Daily News Staff Writer Tuesday, May 5th 2009 Olivia Mignone Overcame Height Bias …The 18-years-old from Queens dreamed of becoming a model since childhood. But at just 5′ foot 1″, she knew that wouldn’t be easy. Instead of sitting around sulking, she started her own modeling agency for girls, donating money raised from shows to charity. “I’ve always wanted to model,” Mignone shares. “I watch ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ My freshman year of high school, when I was 14, I [...]

The Scene 2008

September 2008 A&U Magazine June 20th, Flushing Town Hall in Queens, New York, was the setting for making a fashion statement – one that combined awareness about HIV/AIDS, eating disorders, and the power of teens to make a positive difference in the world. Members of the jazz trio, In Pure Thought, Shortstack’s second annual Charity Fashion Show saw its program’s models take to the runway in front of a packed house in order to raise funds for Windows of Opportunity’s HIV Empowerment [...]