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13 Reasons Why – A Commentary – By Jaelyn Peek, Age 16

  Netflix Promo Ad for 13 Reasons Why I just finished watching the new tv show 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It’s about a teenage girl who commits suicide, and records 13 tapes explaining why she did it and who was involved. While it is explicit and at certain points disturbing and painful to watch, it is also authentic and straightforward and brutally honest. There are scenes about bullying, rape, and suicide. But instead of turning the camera away at the [...]

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The Working Camera of a Leader By Kianna Simpkins

Regarding police brutality and racism, the episode “The Lawn Chair” touched upon issues often neglected by society. The episode provides a deeper thought process towards racism/oppression and introduces a new, different factor that is not often considered. For example, in the circumstance of police officers and their reputations, the episode showed that there are truly two sides to every coin. It is a generalized belief that the whole of the police or authorities is morally incorrect, ignorant, and questionable in [...]

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Let’s Not Sugarcoat the Facts – By Travis Boothe

The episode of “The Lawn Chair” from the television series Scandal relates to our Love in Action class because everything that we see and hear changes the way teenagers and people in general view the events going on in the world today. The episode mainly focused on the problems between the police and citizens (mainly black people), and the struggles that they have to go through with each other. It also shows the things that leaders do without the [...]

Are All Cops Bad? By Karen Castro

“The fact that they stand in groups and say things you do not like does not make them a mob.” – Olivia Pope, The Lawn Chair, Season 4 of Scandal Karen Castro Mr. Hal Love in Action 04 April 2017   After watching The Lawn Chair episode, I am speechless and left with mixed feelings. I don’t know what to say but it really did make me understand it’s an episode everyone should see. I think it’s a real eye opener. What impacted me the [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 11 “Afterthoughts”

By Hal Eisenberg February 23, 2014 “Up the steps of the church, through the fields in the dirt, in the dark I have seen, that the sun still shines for the one who believed.” – Bon Jovi I have a few “thinking spots” in NYC that I like to visit in order to gather my thoughts. Some of them are obvious and many people – especially the ones close to me, know the places I escape to. The Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, the [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 10 “Home Sweet Home”

By Hal Eisenberg February 22, 2014 I worked very late last night transferring footage onto our external hard drive, so even though I am excited and a bit anxious to return home (my conflicting feelings continue internally and quietly), I am very exhausted and feeling a bit disconnected from myself. There are still things I will need to get off Kishner’s camera when we get back to New York, but I have almost all our material. The footage we took is [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 9 “Let’s Take The Long Way Home…”

By Hal Eisenberg February 21, 2014 I awoke prior to sunrise this morning with an excitement that was two fold. Almost as if I have split personality, the town bell symbolized it was time to begin our long journey home, but my enthusiasm wanted me to run up the hill to the school that impacted my life so deeply just a day earlier. I wanted a taste of Paradis Des Indianes one more time, as I knew I would be back, [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 8 “The Universe Unfolds As It Wants”

By Hal Eisenberg February 20, 2014 I awoke this morning with some apprehension and anxiety about today’s events. I go to sleep tonight a changed man, astounded by what a difference one day can make in someone’s life. Today is one of those quintessential days that you will sit back and reflect on, realizing you are not in control, but it all of a sudden makes sense. It is in that thought and realization alone that fills my existence with [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 7 “Chapter 2 Page 1 – “Homesick”

By Hal Eisenberg February 19, 2014 If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around does it make a sound? If the highest level of achievement in a remote village is becoming a teacher, does a child know how to develop other dreams and passion? If you are staring out of a hole in a cement wall used as a window, staring into another run down structure that appears empty with some debris, and wondering about your friends and [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 6 “A Real Blessing”

By Hal Eisenberg February 18, 2014 Last night after dinner we had our usual “reflection” with Joe, Patricia, and the team – moments I am beginning to truly look forward to. This conversation in particular was a very detailed and informative discussion on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, how it functions, as well as its own particular leadership challenges. It was explained quite graciously by Joe and in a way that helped me to truly comprehend the church. (Almost like [...]