Youth in the Spotlight

Featured Youth : Sofy Maxman

16 year old Sofy Maxman and student at The Beacon School in Manhattan, became a Shortstack model in 2009. Sofy travels in from Manhattan to Queens weekly and religiously because she believes strongly in the message that Shortstack sends. The message rings so loudly with Sofy, that she joined forces with her friend Kiley Zachs to create a project for a gallery that will be on display in Chelsea about the tolerance of beauty and the media. “We chose this [...]


Queens Village, New York, April 30, 2011 – Replacing their heels with sneakers, covering their painted nails with work gloves, and trading in their runway for an overgrown, weed infested, leaf covered church park, this charity based modeling agency came whistling and ready to work. The Shortstack models, equipped with rakes, spades, plants and trash bags, along with Board of Director members Tracy Mignone and Hal Eisenberg, chose their Earth Day Project as the restoration of the Hollis Woods [...]