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Not Just A Walk in the Park… All Lives Matter – By Hal Eisenberg, CEO

As I read this article (below) I thought about that day in the park. She was sitting there and on the surface she looked as if she was staring out at the universe blindly. At moments I didn’t know what to think. I was at a lost for words and all I hoped for was that my unconditional love for the soul sitting next to me would allow her to tell me what was going on. That day in [...]

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What Is Wrong With Our Medical Profession? By Hal Eisenberg, CEO

I was asked to write a reaction as a professional social worker who has worked with many youth and adults who are struggling with an Eating Disorder to the following quote in the article linked below. The original article is posted under my reaction. The article is actually a very good article on Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and is advocating for services but I am still appalled that there is not more being done professionally for those struggling. Education is [...]

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A Magical Dinner Party – By Sandy Corso, Huffington Post

A NYC friend recently invited me to a dinner party. He warned it would be a magical night and, wow, was he right! I am always amazed at selfless people whose main goal in life is to make the world a better place. I was so inspired by this table of people that I decided to share their amazing stories and inspirations. Such an honor to be present amongst them!   With Sandy Henson Corso, Cyn English, Hal Eisenberg, Alex Garfield, [...]

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Flurt: Shortstack Modeling Agency Dares to Break the Rules

It’s every girl’s dream, at one point or another, to become a model. Walking the runway, modeling clothes by famous designers, being on the cover of Vogue, Elle, Seventeen…what’s not to want? However, as much as being a cover girl may seem easy and breezy, so many things happen behind the scenes: Photoshop, body-shaming, height-shaming and the pressure to be and look like the ideal, just to name a few.

Carmelina performs at St. John’s University

March 20, 2014 Growing up in the inner city comes with some advantages and disadvantages. There are tons of places to visit and so much to do. New York City is the city that never sleeps.  However, there was always something inside of me that wanted to explore more; become more. I knew that my ticket to becoming something more would be getting an education.  I love my parents and sometimes we butted heads, but one thing they wanted was their [...]

Trying New Things

Name: Ashley Garcia Home: Ozone Park Age: 17 Height: 5’5″ Weight: 140 lbs. Stats: 32.5, 29.5, 40 “Mother knows best” sums up Ashley’s modeling beginnings. Growing up in a house of three girls, Ashley’s mother suggested they all try new things. She was attracted to the “good posture” of modeling, and Ashley has run with it ever since. “I did a lot of pageant work when I was younger. I also modeled for family shots in catalogs like JC Penny’s,” said Ashley. It wasn’t until she was [...]