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The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 7 “Chapter 2 Page 1 – “Homesick”

By Hal Eisenberg February 19, 2014 If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around does it make a sound? If the highest level of achievement in a remote village is becoming a teacher, does a child know how to develop other dreams and passion? If you are staring out of a hole in a cement wall used as a window, staring into another run down structure that appears empty with some debris, and wondering about your friends and [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 6 “A Real Blessing”

By Hal Eisenberg February 18, 2014 Last night after dinner we had our usual “reflection” with Joe, Patricia, and the team – moments I am beginning to truly look forward to. This conversation in particular was a very detailed and informative discussion on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, how it functions, as well as its own particular leadership challenges. It was explained quite graciously by Joe and in a way that helped me to truly comprehend the church. (Almost like [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 5 I Feel Like a Rock Star

By Hal Eisenberg February 17, 2014 I am taking a break from a very extensive and exhausting day. Finally there is some tranquility to search my thoughts and process these moments as I am hiding out in the back of the rectory and sitting on these stone steps. Through the palm trees and looking far down the mountain side and out into the crystal blue Caribbean Sea, one may think for a moment that we were on vacation or at a [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 4 We Live Like Kings

By Hal Eisenberg February 16, 2014 Today was another beautiful day of cultural blessings and filming. I am currently beyond exhausted (seems to be a common theme within this blog), even though we have stayed put in Carre Four Sanon. I woke up and took a cold shower. As a matter of fact, it is my 2nd day of cold showers. Hot water is a luxury and water supply is limited. Due to the fact that many have to shower, you [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 3 Carre Four Sanon: Wherever You Are Is Where You’re Supposed To Be

By Hal Eisenberg February 15, 2014 As I lay here at 8:26 pm it feels like 2 am, and quite honestly it is going to be difficult to find the words to describe today, as well as the personal and professional impact this trip to Haiti is having on my soul. I am sure the reader of this blog, and those of you that I will sit down with face to face in order to share my personal account, will probably [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 2 The Port Au Prince Experience

By Hal Eisenberg February 14, 2014 Exhausted and sore, I cannot find the energy or words to write the myriad of emotions I felt as we touched down in Haiti. On only one-hour sleep, and hours of shoveling feet of snow, I am in 90-degree weather and it is hot and humid. From watching our plane delayed for de-icing in New York, to spending four hours on the plane writing and choreographing tonight’s fashion show, to tearing off the layers [...]

The Haiti Blogs: My Journey of Hope and Rediscovery – Pt 1

By Hal Eisenberg February 13, 2014 As I sit at my kitchen table and glance at the 6 to 10 inches of snow falling outside my window, it is hard to believe in just 24 hours we will finally (and hopefully) be touching down in Haiti for our Love in Action adventure. I wish I could say that is when the whirlwind will begin, but, as I am sure most of my readers who know me so well will attest, [...]

Artists of Queens: Mary Desiree

Posted on January 9, 2014 by tribune in QConfidential One of Desiree’s biggest inspirations is her two-year-old son, Noah. His presence changed her life completely, giving her the drive and focus she needs to keep writing and keep moving forward. “I have gone through so many hardships in life so far, at such a young age, but seeing a smile on my son’s face, it definitely helps me,” she said. “I want to be a role model for Noah so [...]


We are creating a shift in what is possible for youth in the areas of leadership, empowerment, self esteem, school performance and career planning. A shift from dis-empowerment, differences, and indecision to possibility, acceptance and opportunity.

Windows of Opportunity: A Talk with Hal Eisenberg

You. Better. With Julia Maddox. Two weeks ago I had the honor of interviewing one of the great leaders of New York City, Hal Eisenberg.  The work his non-profit organization, Windows of Opportunity, has done for the youth of Queens is nothing short of exceptional. How does he do it? He walks the walk and he talks the talk, and he invites the youth of Queens to do the same. With successful programs like Rock Ur Heart Out, the Shortstack Modeling Program, WOO Films, and The Inner [...]