Monthly Archives - January 2012

Shifting Education

WOO shifts the current educational model from a disempowering system to one that includes leadership, empowerment training, values identification, and focuses on increasing self-esteem.

Creating Conversations

WOO creates conversations between youth, elected representatives, people of influence, NGO’s, civil society, school administration, and parents to create a movement of people who are aligned with providing empowering solutions to transform schools.

WOO Partners with International Musician to Raise Awareness

Windows of Opportunity has partnered with international violinist and vocalist, Queen Rose to produce the music video for her soon to be released song ‘Building Bridges’. Queen Rose Releases Debut Song BUILDING BRIDGES Featuring Mark Shine Free Download Available Now NYC – 12/12/2010 — Available now on is the debut song BUILDING BRIDGES from violinist Queen Rose featuring Mark Shine. The song is co-written and co-produced by Queen Rose and Mark Shine. Executive producers are Marvels “Magic” Marvelous and Queen Rose. “I knew [...]